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The only gold mining company in Japan with a pioneer mentality

Be the first to try

Tamisuke Matsufuji, the founder of Jipangu, achieved tremendous international success working for foreign securities companies. His early achievement stems from his unconventional business approach, such as introducing emerging-market bonds, at the time extremely new financial products, to the Japanese market. “Be the first to try.” This policy has given Jipangu its organizational culture and DNA, giving the company a strong edge over its competitors, and is firmly rooted in the minds of every Jipangu employee. Our decision to enter the gold mining business reflects this same attitude; we are determined to be the first to take on a business that nobody else has tried. We make full use of our strength to overcome the rapidly changing environment surrounding the gold mining industry. This attitude has been the driving force for us to become one of the world’s major gold producers. Our management style is to obtain the greatest opportunities by being the first to venture into an unexplored field.

Go where no one else will go

Jipangu has consistently pursued gold since the days when many, investors and investment funds among them, did not appreciate its value. The reason a series of investment projects have tumbled into our laps is, we believe, because we visit uncharted sites from early on to establish a foothold for the yellow metal and subsequently earn appreciation from the gold mining community. Looking for business opportunities at places no one enters is one of the concepts we consider important.