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A Company Determined to Achieve Dramatic Growth in the Global Market

In 2005, we entered into the gold mining business in Nevada, in earnest. Since then, we have acquired the management resources we need to safely and reliably produce gold. As a consequence, we have evolved to the point where not only the United States but the global market recognizes Jipangu as the only Japanese company specializing in gold mining.

The current global macroeconomic situation, with its growing uncertainty and turbulence, has given central banks and other financial institutions the opportunity to recognize once again the universal value of gold..

As our accumulated growth and changes in the global market are synchronized, we are now poised to launch initiatives to move to the next stage, in which we execute strategic measures to achieve further growth.

From a global standpoint, we continue to increase our reserves and resources and extend mine life through exploration activities and to expand our business through M&A. We are promptly adding value, both to our company and our shareholders. Meanwhile, we will strengthen corporate governance and adopt strict compliance to move to the second stage, where Jipangu becomes an exceedingly attractive and celebrated company.

President & CEO
Tamisuke Matsufuji